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Get Involved

You make the difference

Your support of our work is very important. There are many ways you can participate in our work and support us. Any help we get brings us closer to our goals. Find out how you too can contribute.


You can support the Goddy-Tabi Bilingual Nursery and Primary School in the following areas:

  • active support for projects in Limbe or here in Germany

  • active support for projects in Limbe

  • become Instructor or teacher

  • financing of the new main building, with space for new classrooms, a computer room and lots more

  • purchase of school supplies and toys (e.g., computers, books, furniture).

  • educational fund for school fees for orphans

If you want to donate, the school or support one of the other projects of the

Goddy Tabi Achuo School Association e.V.

(Responsible for the preservation of this school)

visit us on the website of the association.

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