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Our School

Our school has been recognized since 2011 as an educational institution in Cameroon.

The educational offer is subject to the academic standards of Cameroon.

It is a full-day school with 3 preschool classes (kindergarden) and 6 primary school classes with a total of 250 children.


The school is funded by low school fees, private funds and donations. Tuition fees are only used for teaching materials, school meals and teacher salaries.


In order to keep the school accessible to children of socially deprived families, we need additional financial support through donations.


So far, the renovation of the individual classrooms, the purchase of tables and chairs and the fencing of the school grounds have been realized with private funds and donations.



Currently, the gradual construction of the main building of the school creates new classrooms, giving even more children in Limbe the chance to receive education.


Furthermore, the financial support of orphans can be achieved through sponsorships to cover school fees.

Goddy Tabi Bilingual Nursery and Primary School New Town Limbe offers a comprehensive childcare program with fun, games and learning.


We strive to ensure high quality childcare and safety for all our pupils.

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